June 1, 2011

Lots of activity already this week:

Applying stucco to the bases of the proscenium.

The bamboo stair treads were delivered on Tuesday…

and half were installed on Wednesday.

The electricians installed the exterior marquee lights on Tuesday…

and the carpenters finished framing the marquee signage box on Wednesday.

The kiln room doors were hung.

The elevator inspection was done on Wednesday… and we passed!

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May 26, 2011

Today was Bracket Day!

Norm and Kent arrived with the decorative brackets for the facade marquee that they built offsite. It was a dry sunny day for the installation.

Norm and Dave unloading the first bracket.

Kent and Tony with the second.

Upside down brackets. The pink one is the model Kent built a few months ago to check out the size and dimensions.

Measuring for the placement of the interior support pieces.

Moving the first bracket into place.

Discussing the finer points of bracket installation.

It’s important for artists to sign their work.

First bracket in place.

The rigging system for hoisting the bracket up into place.

Up it goes!

More figuring out.

Two decorative marquee brackets!

Now that’s what I call an entrance. Moe finishing and signage yet to come…


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May 24, 2011

We have a Bubbler!And toilet paper holders!

And emergency exit signs!

The glass doors for the 3 entry display cases have been installed. The cases have fancy LED lighting.

Yesterday the painters were hard at work in the entry.

The 3 Bailey gas kilns are scheduled for delivery next Tuesday!

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May 18, 2011

The balcony pavers are now all in place. There is a great view up and down Broadway from the balcony – great for watching commerce and industry!

The plasterers have applied the first coat of stucco on the exterior.

The rear windows have been fully framed and infilled.

We spent some time on site measuring and designing the student shelving layouts. Ready to order materials!

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May 13, 2011

If you haven’t gone by the new building recently, here’s what it looks like today

We have some new doors installed, for the trash room and a second floor closet.

The glass guys are finishing up the glass window that looks into the kiln room, as well as the office window and door.

The utility/mop sink was connected in the first floor utility room.

Finish work on the back exit stairs

Setting the balcony pavers

The air disburser in the glaze mix room

New exterior wallboard before the stucco gets applied, at the entry.

A fire alarm named just for us!

Before and after photos of the exit stairs renovations

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May 10, 2011

Plasterers, painters, electricians, tile layers….everyone is busy finishing up their work.

Plastering at the rear exit

Stucco at the balcony and arch

Vinyl tile flooring in the handbuilding classroom

And in the small wheel classroom

Thermostat for the handbuilding classroom

The rooftop exhaust fans for the glaze mix room and the spray room

Cutting down the “weed tree” at the rear exit

The concrete pavers for the balcony floor

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May 6, 2011

Another busy week on and off the job site.

Norm and Kent made good progress on getting the framework of the brackets together.

The electricians continued their work on the first floor – hanging light fixtures, installing emergency exit signs, and positioning the drop cords for the pottery wheels.

The rear exit now has walls and a railing.

We received many boxes of vent pipes and hangers and fans for the kiln room venting.

Here’s a look at the second floor where the stacks will come through the floor before heading up and out through the roof.

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April 28, 2011

Norm and Kent began construction this week of the decorative marquee brackets. They are preparing all the parts that will be the frame and interior bracing, and the decorative ball hanging at the bottom.

On Tuesday, the entry way looked like this:

And by Thursday, the display cases had been installed and the azek wall panels were on, too. The tiles that everyone is making will be installed in the 12″ high, 25′ long band beneath the cases.

The interior of the trash room behind the display cases, with the exterior door.

The balcony floor has been waterproofed and the center drain and metal edge trim installed.

Here are the floor tiles for the balcony.

Many fluorescent light fixtures waiting to be installed.

We have exit signs!

And a water fountain!

And sinks in the bathrooms!

Starting to install the vent ductwork for the gas and electric kilns, here on the 2nd floor.

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April 24, 2011

Lots of electrical work happening now – with many boxes of supplies on hand.

The new overhead fixtures in the atrium and proscenium areas have been installed.

Setting up to install the fire alarm boxes in the lobby.

The lobby display cases have been framed out – waiting for the cases to be delivered and installed.

We were able to retain the original cove moulding in part of the lobby area.

We got a delivery of vent pipe materials on Thursday for installation on the kiln room.

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April 19, 2011

A new exterior door has been installed at the rear emergency exit.

The electricians have mounted the new lighting fixtures for the first floor display walls.

Sheetrock work has begun in the entryway; the plasterers will be up next here.

Installation of the exterior grade boards on the marquee, with holes cut for lighting fixtures.

Window and door installation at the office and doors at the entrance to the multipurpose room.

First coat of paint on the wall outside the kiln room.

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