April 12, 2011

Some dramatic changes happening quickly now as we near the end of the project. Here’s new work from the past day and a half!

We have a new counter and cabinets in the lounge. Sink and refrigerator yet to come.

The exterior balcony railing was installed and the roofers are putting down the waterproofing materials for under the tile floor.

The millworkers installed the bamboo handrails on the main staircase.

The carpenters have built the new staircase at the rear emergency exit door.

The steel company installed the decorative grillwork on the rear exterior windows.

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One Response to April 12, 2011

  1. Betsy says:

    Wow, our lounge kitchen is looking vast! All those cabinets!

    And what a happy accident that we’ll be moving in in the summertime — that balcony/deck is going to be a very popular spot.

    Keep up the awesome work, Lynn and crew.

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