April 1, 2011

The Marquee Decorative Bracket Fabrication team was on site last Wednesday to check out the framing for the entryway. Kent, Norm and Richard met with Joe and Tony to review the design and make a plan for the construction and installation. They got to check out the full scale model that Kent built.

More big views of the interior spaces – 2nd floor looking to the rear of the building, studios left and right with new shelving in the hallway.

Looking down the stairs to the main hallway with wheel classroom space beyond and to the left.

A view into the handbuilding room on the 2nd floor. Check out all the natural light! And have I mentioned that the room has 15′ high ceilings?!

Standing at the rear of the 2nd floor, looking across the atrium. The doorway in the center leads out to the lounge balcony.

Installation of the framing and glass at the 1st floor main entryway.

A sample of the new bamboo stair tread.

Ever wonder what the mechanism that opens and closes the elevator door looks like?

With the walls newly plastered in the 2 emergency staircases, it was time to install the handrails.

Beginning to build up the archway area above the balcony. Another area for “tiles by owner”.

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