March 15, 2011

Team meeting at the field office this morning. Tony gave us the update from the top down. Now that all the snow has melted, the roofers are back to finish the metal flashing and to start making the perforations in the roof for the skylight, the kiln venting, the HVAC rooftop unit, and the elevator exhaust. The carpenters are finishing up the exterior trim on the monitor.

In the 2nd floor wheel classroom, the plumbers are connecting all the venting and diffusers at the ceiling.The glass installers are getting set up to put in the curtain wall for the lounge, separating the inside from the outside balcony area.

The door company has started to hang the doors and install the hardware on the studio doors and also at the rear of the kiln room.

The carpenters have framed up the trash room at the left of the entryway at street level.

About 12 weeks of construction left….


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One Response to March 15, 2011

  1. Robert William Wolff says:

    The Mudflat folk who have toured the new facility in the last week have come back to the old studio extremely excited, looking forward to moving in and starting work in our new digs! It will be so great not having to watch our heads, to have natural light in every work area in the entire studio. Board members who toured recently as a group were particularly struck by the central space, the warm, sepia tones of the underside of the roof and roof beams, clean white walls contrasted with the areas of historic walls from the old cinema, the color and form of the proscenium and the roominess of each studio work space. It is going to be a joy to study and work there!

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