September 30, 2010

We have stairs!! They don’t go anywhere yet, but check back next week.

And they have started to install the metal decking – Tony says the concrete will be poured for the second floor next week.

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3 Responses to September 30, 2010

  1. Richard says:

    Hey fellow Mudflat fans! How cool is all of this?! Let’s hear from you (us) once in a while.

  2. Bob Wolff says:

    Look’n good!!

    Not only stairs, but a ground floor slab,
    foundations for the second floor and
    steel to support that floor!

    This time next year we will be making clay objects here! Something to rejoice about for sure!!

  3. Betsy Chabot says:

    It is looking fabulous! There’s nothing like the installation of a stair to help you start seeing what the space is really going to feel like. Makes me want to be sitting up there on that girder with the workers!

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