September 9, 2010

The concrete truck was at the building again yesterday to pour the last of the footings and the piers needed to support the steel structure for the new second floor. It won’t be long now before we get to see the inside of the building with a new interior.

Watch your step!

Cement pumping truck

Pumping cement for the new piers

Last Friday, Cassius, Chris, Richard, and Lynn went on a field trip to MassArt. Howie, their facilities manager gave us a tour of the kiln room and the glaze mix room. And he took us up to the restricted area of the roof to see the kiln exhaust stacks. We got some great information from him about venting requirements and it was good to see how this all fits together in a much larger space.

MassArt Bailey kiln

MassArt glaze mix room

MassArt Kiln exhaust stacks

Remember those pots we broke at the Groundbreaking in July? We fired the remaining tops of both of them. And yesterday we decided to make them be a part of the new building. So Cary and Lynn went to the building and dropped them (carefully) into the hole for one of the footings and piers. When the crew fills in the hole with dirt before they pour the new slab floor, the pots will be buried 9 feet under the floor. We hope that’s a good sign for our new home.

Tops of the pots from the Groundbreaking

Maybe someone will find these someday...

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